For years now I’ve been silent. The tone of my voice has been reduced. The power of my tongue has been inactive, and I can no longer function this way. I must reignite the flame that gives light to my voice. I’ve been quiet far too long. I’ve imploded far too long. Life has silenced me, and fear keeps me quiet. Now that I’m in a space where I need to spread my wings and fly for my purpose, I am held back because I cannot tell my spirit to go. My voice and my truth is bound, thus my impact is limited. The foundation of my silence is hurt, fear, and pain. If I speak out will they be mad at me. My life experiences have kept me bound in a fear filled place and I can’t speak my way free because I’ve lost my voice. I can’t utilize the power that lies within my tongue because I’ve been silenced.

Today a constant thought that has been on my mind is the silencing of my voice. I feel as though certain life experiences have taught me to keep quiet. I cannot speak about my work experience because of fear of losing a job. My career has silenced me. I cannot speak about my childhood trauma because my family will be angry with me. My family has silenced me. I cannot tell my love interest how I really feel because im afraid I may scare him away. My baby has silenced me. I cannot speak on spiritual things that I do not understand or agree with because my community will disown me. My people have silenced me.

You may be wondering why I’m choosing to share this when Queens of Supremacy was created to empower you to be successful. Your journey to success also lies within your personal development. How successful can you be if you remain voiceless? How powerful will you be if you lose the power of your tongue? Remember, death and life lie within the power of the tongue. How productive will you be if you don’t release the things killing you on the inside? My silence is causing limitations in my growth. The limitations of my growth is causing limitations in the growth of my company. I have to start to release the hurt and pain so that I can operate freely and fearlessly. I need my voice back. I can no longer speak in fear. What if you need me and I’m scared to speak to you? Queen let go and free your voice.

It’s uncomfortable at first. Fear will try to keep you silenced but you must try. Make baby steps and speak your truth. Say how you feel and allow yourself to feel it. Use your words and get it out. Let it go, speak your truth. Releasing your voice aids in your personal development. So many of us have had our voice stolen from us because of circumstances outside of our control. It’s time to reclaim what God gave you and use it!

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