She is trapped in a cage yearning to be freed

She is brave, beautiful and fearless

She is healthy, happy and carefree

She is not afraid to go after what she wants

She is proud, anointed and will gladly speak her mind

She is filled with ambitions and ideas that will help her people

She is educated and smart

She has a story that holds answers someone else seeks, maybe even the answers she seeks

She can feel the love she receives

She is ready to be released and live freely


She is afraid

She feels alone

She seeks external validation

She is waiting for permission to live her truth

Fear silences her voice and paralyzes her ambitions and actions

Her heart can give love yet won’t allow her to feel the love she receives

She is limited to feeling fear, anxiety and sadness

She implodes

She blames herself

She was taught not to make excuses

Life taught her she had to take care of herself

She wasn’t taught or shown how to love herself or how to be a woman

She had to figure life out by herself

She was taken advantage of

Her trust was abused

She is afraid to disappoint others

She was not protected

And now

She is my protector

She guards the cage I’m locked in

She has hidden the key that can set "Me" free

She means well

But she’s killing "Me"

I’ve learned to speak to her

Calm her down and relax her fears

I’ve learned that she needs "Me" to:

Nurture her

Love her

Recondition her

Explain to her and show her life’s possibilities

Dispel false truths and poor teachings

As I pour into "My" protector

She begins to fade away

She begins to release the key that will uncage "Me"

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