Note to Self

Note to Self

Never Apologize for the Way You Feel About Someone

Never Dim Your Own Light

Never Allow Anyone or Any Circumstance to Silence You

You Don’t Have to Listen to Everybody

You Deserve to be Loved

Sometimes It’s Not You, It’s Them

Never Allow Anyone to Disrespect You

Love Exist

Never Feel Like He’s Your Only Option

Your Allowed to Say No.

You Don’t Need Permission to Live

Your Voice is a Priceless Treasure

You’re Not the Only One

Life Doesn’t Always Make Sense

You Don’t Always Have to Make Logical Decisions, Some of the Best Decisions Don’t Always Make Sense

Trust Your Spirit and Allow it to Guide You, Despite How You May Feel

Saying No Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person

God Will Love You No Matter What

Your Presence is Valuable

You Don’t Have to Stay, Your Educated and You Have Options

You’re Not Wrong Just Because You Disagree

It’s Your Life, Do as You Please and Live it to the Fullest

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