I’ve been listening to Jonathan McReynold’s song, Make Room, all week. This song has impacted me in such a way that I hadn’t even expected. The song played a few times while my YouTube was on autoplay. Around the millionth time I heard the song, I finally caught on to the words and soon after I began to sing along, “Yes God Move It Out the Way, Yasss”. Seriously though, what will you give God permission to move out the way? What is present in your life, present on your mind, or present in your spirit, that is preventing God from doing his thang? We get so accustomed to feeling like we have to fight battles on our own. We take over and try to be the parent. Everything we deal with is not meant to be fought by us alone. I know this is easier said than done. However, one thing that has become apparent to me is the power in letting go. Let it go and let God handle it. Baby, you can’t fight that on your own, you require divine help to do that. How about this, what if God can’t reach you because of the detrimental spaces you keep putting yourself in? Move out the way and let God put you in to something new. What if God is trying to pull you from that thing you keep running back to? Give him permission to move it out the way. What if God is trying to change your mindset so you can focus on bigger and better things, but you keep subjecting your soul and spirit portals to detrimental content. Your eyes are fixated on negative things and those are the only images you see. Your ears are accustomed to cursing, sadness and negativity and that’s what you hear and speak all day. Allow God to move it out the way. What if God is trying to bring you into new relationships, but you keep running back to your comfort zone and staying around the people who break you down. Allow God to move it out the way. What if God is trying to restore your health and you keep entering into environments that will cause you to relapse back into negative health practices. Allow God to move that out the way and restore you. The list goes on and on. Let God be God and move things out the way so that he can reach you like he needs to. Give God access to do what he does. He’s trying to do great things in your life, but you have to surrender control and allow him to come in and do things. Allow him to be a parent, bestow great wisdom onto you and restore you. Nothing is changed overnight, but as long as you take steps to change your situation and remain consistent and pray consistently, progression will occur.

Assignment: Spend time with God. Talk to Him about what needs to move out the way in your life. Continue to pray and give God permission to come in and move those things out the way. Lastly, don’t forget to say thank you to God for not giving up on you and keeping true to his promises.

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